Saturday, 16 March 2013


Proactiv ~ i found that a lot of people use or make the mistake of use this wonderful product !
so here some of what they don't tell you !
  • you have to have acne to use this (really bad)
  • this product is strong !!
  • that it does not work for some people
i recommend that you go to your local Proactiv Kiosk, and ask then the stuff you need and Do You Need It
Ok by now your probably wonder y I'm talk about it,i have really bad acne and store brands could not help me so i brought this product!
i loved it :) i get rid of my acne and i can see results DAY 1, but i not a person to carry thing through i kept forgetting to use it and my acne came back :(
i really up set but i starting to use it again and i definitely going to keep using it 
 my products that i using for my 'T' zone
  • deep cleansing wash
  • toner
  • repair
  • green tea moisturiser

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